Healing the legacy of the residential schools

Between 1831 and 1996, residential schools operated in Canada through arrangements between the Government of Canada and the church. One common objective defined this period — the assimilation of Aboriginal children.

This site is a counterpart to Where are the Children? Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools, a touring exhibition that explores the history and legacy of Canada’s Residential School System through Survivor stories, archival photographs, and documents, curated by Iroquois artist Jeff Thomas.

Disclaimer: This web site contains subject matter that may be disturbing to some visitors. 24 Hour National Survivors Crisis Line: 1-866-925-4419.


A History Of The Residential School System In Canada


Reclaiming History: The Residential School System in Canada

Since their first arrival in the “new world” of North America, a number of religious entities began the project of converting Aboriginal Peoples to Christianity. This undertaking grew in structure and purpose, especially between1831 and 1969, when the governing officials of early Canada joined with Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, United, and Presbyterian churches to create and operate the residential school system.



Residential School Oral Histories & Survivor Stories

Lucille Mattess

Lejac Indian Residential School

Rev.Mary Battaja

Chooutla Residential School

Grant Severight

St. Philips Indian Residential School, Marieval Indian Residential School

Velma Page

Kuper Island Indian Residential School

Resources & Further Reading

Established in 2001, the Legacy of Hope Foundation (LHF) has become an authority on the subject of the Residential School System in Canada. The LHF mandate, to educate, raise awareness and understanding of the legacy of residential schools has driven the development of a variety of quality resources including a curriculum guide for teachers and educators. In addition, LHF has compiled a comprehensive list of resources produced by other organizations on the subject of the Residential School System.


About This Site

Developed in 2001, the goals of Where are the Children? Healing the Legacy of the Residential Schools are to: acknowledge the experiences of, and the impacts and consequences of Canada’s Residential School System on Aboriginal peoples; to create a public and historical record of this period in Canadian history that could be easily accessed by Canadians; and to promote public awareness, understanding and education of the history and legacy of residential schools. Through documentation, acknowledgment and education, the goal of the exhibition is also to assist in promoting understanding and reconciliation in Canada about residential schools.